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Blog: Wrong Dreams


Feb 2015


Group Therapy: Mental Distress in a Digital Age
FACT Liverpool 5 March 2015 - 17 May 2015
Originating from FACT’s extensive work within mental health and wellbeing, the exhibition explores the complex relationship between technology, society, and mental health.

Participating artists: Katriona Beales (UK), Dora García (Spain), George Khut (Australia), Melanie Manchot (UK), Lauren Moffatt (Australia / Germany), Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a) (Netherlands), Kate Owens and Neeta Madahar (UK), Members of Freehand (FACT’s young people’s programme) and Erica Scourti (UK / Greece), Superflex (Denmark), UBERMORGEN (Austria) the vacuum cleaner (UK) and Quintan Ana Wikswo (US)


@ Ubermorgen


CAPTURE ALL: Transmediale 2015

Just got back from a fantastic week in Berlin for Transmediale- took part in some great events, including the opening ceremony, a panel discussion and workshop hosted by unMonastery with Jay Springett and Tobias Revell on #stacktivism.

Some interviews and reviews of the festival here:

Berlin ArtLink:Exhibition // transmediale Capture All: Disengagement or Acceleration?
Jill Walker Rettberg reviews the opening night
Thisistomorrow transmediale 2015: CAPTURE ALL


News 2014 >> December


Another Oral Backstory- documentation



some pics from the performance of Another Oral Backstory at Southbank Centre's Web We Want festival
more on my tumblr...

"So he had to delete your under tweetable secret
While watching the secret online
It says what you see is what you get
Is wearing in my twitter"



Art Monthly profile by George Vasey



Erica Scourti utilises social-media networks as raw material, probing and testing their data-processing alogorithms to create self-portraits for a hashtagged age.

'Ultimately, all of Scourti’s work asks a series of fundamental questions. How do institutions seek to define forms of representation? How has technology, and specifically social media, affected our understanding of identity and subjectivity? Where does our agency reside in an online environment where our data is tracked and our behaviour is persistently manipulated?'


SO LIKE YOU interview for The Photographers' Gallery


So Like You: an interview with Erica Scourti from The Photographers' Gallery on Vimeo.


Here's an interview I did (fortunately after having had a new haircut) for The Photographers' Gallery, about my project So Like You, which was on the Media Wall until very recently.

More here on similarselves.tumblr.com



News 2014 >>

END USER at Hayward Project Space



Very excited to be showing in this exhibition- also will be doing a performance on the 30th November in the Clore Ballroom of the Royal Festival Hall.

From the press release:

A group of contemporary international artists take a critical approach to the complexities of the internet.

Their artworks examine how the web alters social relations and raises questions about identity, privacy, and the ownership of information.

End User includes work by
Cory Arcangel,
Aram Bartholl,
Ami Clarke and Richard Cochrane,
Tyler Coburn,
Jon Rafman,
Erica Scourti
and Liz Sterry.

Hayward Gallery Project Space

27 November 2014, 11:00am - 18 January 2015, 19:00pm


Life in AdWords
in Afterall magazine



Life in AdWords (2012-2013) is discussed by Melissa Gronlund in the latest issue of Afterall magazine.

"Scourti’s Life in AdWords project lampoons this feedback loop between online presence and private identity: for nearly a year, Scourti emailed her diary to herself on Gmail, and then read out the Google advertisements that Gmail suggested for her on a daily video capture, which she then edited into a video that is shown both in exhibitions and online. Scourti’s self-portrait is thus created entirely from the feedback of others — and not even others, but a for-profit computer program: she is only how the algorithm sees her. "

Full essay here: From Narcissism to the Dialogic: Identity in Art after the Internet




IMPAKT FESTIVAL 2014: Soft Machines Offical Selection



Life in AdWords (2012-2013) is being shown in the main programme of this year's IMPAKT Festival, whose theme is Soft Machines: Where the Optimized Human Meets Artificial Empathy, in a screening called ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OR FALSE CONSCIOUSNESS

The exhibition and film programme includes work by:

Iain Ball, Tyler Coburn, Cécile B. Evans, Harun Farocki, Mark Leckey, Silvio Lorusso, Chris Cunningham, Omer Fast, Hollis Frampton, Ann Hirsch, Mark Lewis, Falke Pisano and Jon Rafman



EMOTIONAL RESOURCES at Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art

>>> I'm showing Some Days....above is one section of the video somedays (crisis of happiness) from Erica Scourti 


Main Gallery: Victor Alimpiev, Amalia Ulman,  Johann Arens,  Renate Bertlmann,  Ian Breakwell, Harry Burke, Moyra Davey, Július Koller, Daniel Lichtman, Harry Meadley, Erica Scourti, Matthew Smith, Pilvi Takala, Marie Toseland,  Phoebe Unwin, Donald Urquhart
Project Space: Joanna Piotrowska

"To intimate is to communicate with the sparest of signs and gestures, and at its root intimacy has the quality of eloquence and brevity"  - Lauren Berlant

What does it mean to convert private experience into public speech? Emotional Resources is a group exhibition that brings together art works from an international group of artists from the Seventies to the present day, exploring forms of intimacy and the everyday. 

Exhibition dates: 19 September 2014 - 10 January 2015.

Curated by George Vasey

Northern Gallery of Contemporary Art


Coded After Lovelace
, Hannah Maclure Centre, Dundee



Coded After Lovelace offers a survey of art that critically reflects on the creative use of technology, its development and limitations. From the room-sized computers of the Bell Labs era to the tablet-based work of today, this exhibition explores works incorporating emerging technologies into artistic practice. Coded After Lovelace creates a new lineage across artists of different generations.

The exhibition seeks to bring greater visibility to the work of women artists who have often been left out of histories of art and technology.

Artists include:

Carla Gannis

Claudia Hart
Olia Lialina
Rosa Menkman
Erica Scourti
Lillian F Schwartz
Lorna Mills
Cornelia Sollfrank
Bureau of Inverse Technology (B.I.T)

Nov 2014- March 2015
Part of NeoN Festival, Dundee northeastofnorth.com




SO LIKE YOU at Brighton Photo Biennial & The Photographers' Gallery



My commission for the Brghton Photo Biennial 2014 and The Photographers' Gallery went live on October 3rd in Brighton; official launch at TPG is 30th October.

For this project, which exists online at similarselves- I put my old photo archive through Google's similar image search and then contacted users who had posted the images, asking them to send me a photo from their archives that was somehow similar to mine.
The images they sent, plus tags they and friends who appeared in the original photos, and metadata (like location, date etc) generated by their cameras all feature in the final piece, across the blog and the video versions.

More info on it here.  





Erica Scourti, Snow Crash + dissolving into data
on AQNB.com



“I had registered and dissolved. Into code. Into data”, writes J. A. Harrington, acting as conduit to the thoughts of artist Erica Scourti in a ghost-written memoir. 

The Outage: Her Story 
(as constructed by Him) is the culmination of mostly public, sometimes private data collected from the internet and surrendered to a stranger to give it subjectivity.

more here: Erica Scourti, snow crash + dissolving into data

you can buy The Outage here!


Brighton Photo Biennial and The Photographer's Gallery Wall commission

[I'm in Manchester at the moment, at Islington Mill, working on this commission...]




a commission for the Brighton Photo Biennial 2014

Working in collaboration with online communities, Scourti sets out to make sense of the overload of images online and how personal snapshots collide and mingle with millions of others through social platforms.
So Like You highlights the tensions between individual and collective authorship in network culture. How can a creative individual be recognised as unique, when Instagram has made everyone’s photos look the same? What value has a snapshot once it’s uploaded and absorbed into a larger ‘cloud’ of image data?
Scourti begins her investigation by uploading her personal archive of scanned photographs, letters, flyers and other ephemera to Google’s reverse image search engine for analysis.
Using pattern recognition algorithms, she discovers other photographers who have shared images with a similar visual footprint ‘just like hers’.



The Outage is here!



My ghostwritten memoir, drawn entirely from my digital footprint and online presence by writer J. A. Harrington, has now been published by Banner Repeater and is for sale at the ICA Bookshop, Tenderbooks and Banner Repeater.

It's been an incredibly challenging and rewarding project to work on (think collapse of work-life boundary to the point of pretty much losing the plot...), which I touched on a bit at the launch event at Banner Repeater, where myself and the ghostwriter read from the text and answered audience questions.

Here's a blog post about it- written while in process- This Is (Not) My Book- but I will be writing more, I'm sure...

And here's the blurb from the back:

“I'm looking at a screen. What was I just doing? I think. But another thought appears in my head. A request. A command. The voice speaks. Let's go back, it says. I try to focus on the screen in front of me. Is that my face? It doesn't look like a real face and the text is illegible, but after blinking several times I manage to bring it under control. Artist, writer, whatever. Is what it appears to say. Again the voice speaks and this time I just listen absently.

ORDER IT HERE online!!




Residencies at The White Building

I’m really pleased to have been selected for the INFRA_SPECTION cycle of residencies at The White Building, London’s centre for exploring the art, technology and sustainability.

As the digital divide and post-internet discourses disperse and diversify, the INFRA_SPECTION residency artists and creative technologists will focus on giving form to the idea of #stacktivism– a popular critical conversation and line of enquiry around infrastructures (physical, political and social) and the relationship we have to them.

2014-2015 residency artists include:






The Way We Act Now: Psychology and Behaviour in the Digital Age at Wysing Arts Centre

I'll be showing two videos at this event on the 14th June:

The first event in our Futurecamp series includes contributions from Dr Stefana Broadbent, Jesse Darling, Cécile B Evans, Shana Moulton, Rachel Reupke, Dr Kathleen Richardson, Erica Scourti and Frances Stark

Premise of the event:

Behaviour and human interactions have been radically affected and changed by the impact of the digital and Internet revolutions – causing dramatic changes that we are still living through.
The pleasure of our networked lives is played out publicly via social networks of image and text, and the immediate access to information and entertainment this enables is now considered essential.

more here:





News 2014 >> May


I've been in a writing haze this week- here's some chat about this book I'm (not) writing as part of SNOW CRASH at Banner Repeater plus algorithmic identities, Facebook print-outs, twatty quizzes and the fate of our digital archives.

This Is (Not) My Book

"Data profiles tap into a desire to discover our algorithmic identity, bringing to mind Boris Groys’ notion of performing to an algorithmic gaze. But they may also acclimatise us to the concept of ubiquitous, ambient surveillance, encouraging us to accept that since it’s already happening, we might as well find out for ourselves what it is ‘they’ see."



P/N/19 Foam, a peripatetic project by Mat Jenner

Opens: Friday 23 May 2014 6 - 9pm
Exhibition runs: 24 May - 15 June 2014


10 Cazenove Rd, London, N16 6BD



Foam is an on-going peripatetic project by artist Mat Jenner. Conceived as both a platform for experimental commissioning and an expansive artwork, Foam explores the condition of the contemporary art object and its problematized relationship to spectatorship, dissemination, presence and display.

Agata Madejska, Alice Theobald, Alistair McClymont, Anna Barham, Anne Hardy, Asterism, Aura Satz, Benedict Drew, Berry Patten, Bevis Martin & Charlie Youle, Brian Moran, Bronwen Buckeridge, Cally Spooner and Peter Joslyn, Candice Jacobs, Cecile B Evans, Charlie Woolley, Charlotte Prodger, Christopher Kulendran Thomas & Amnesia Scanner, Chris Rawcliffe & Andrew Bunsell, Connie Butler, Killian Immervol & Sophie Lee, Daniel Keller, David Raymond Conroy, Dawn Scarfe, Diana Policarpo, Erica Scourti, Fay Nicolson, GandT, Giorgio Sadotti, Hannah Black, Hanna Schwarz and Phillip Sollmann, Haroon Mirza, Hayal Ponzati, Holly Slingsby, Ian Whittlesea, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Jack Brindley, Jack Stokoe, James Prevett, Jess Flood Paddock, Jesse Darling, Jimmy Merris, Joey Holder, John Lawrence, Juneau Projects, Kevin Clarke, Kirsty Harris, Koudlam, Larry Achiampong, Lars TCF Holdhus, Lucy Clout, Lumpen Noblemen, Maria Theodoraki, Marie D'Elbee, Mark Dean, Mark Vernon, Mary Hurrell, Matt Golden, Matthew Noel-Tod, Mike Harte, Euan Rodger & Jamie Shovlin, Mikhail Karikis, Naive Set & Marijn Van Kreij, Neil Taylor, Nicholas Mohanna, Nicole Bachmann, Nina Wakeford, Octagon Court, Oliver Sutherland, Olivier Castel, Patrick Coyle, Patrick Staff, Paul Purgas, Philomene Pirecki, Picana Electrica, Pil and Galia Kollectiv, Piotr ?akomy & Filip Kaniecki, Plastique Fantastique, Prem Sahib & Richard Lockett, Rachel Cattle & Steve Richards, Rebecca Lennon, Richard Bevan, Richard John Jones, Richard Sides, Rob Chavasse, Rob Lye, Rowena Harris, Ruth Barker, Salvatore Arancio, Sam Belinfante, Sarah Jones, Seb Patane, Skye Chamberlain & Max McFerren, Sophie Michael, Squares and Triangles, Steven Dickie, Stewart Home, Stuart Bannister, Tamarin Norwood, Tellervo Kalleinen, Thrape, Tim Pratt, Will Holder, Yuri Pattison


SNOW CRASH at Banner Repeater

2nd May - 29th June.
Opening night: 6.30-9pm 2nd May.

Erica Scourti, Jesse Darling, Yuri Pattison, Tyler Coburn, Anna Barham, and Ami Clarke. 

snow_crashmy data profile being leafed through...

Colocation, time displacement by Yuri Pattison

For SNOW CRASH- which develops ideas from Neal Stephenson’s science fiction of 1992, I’m presenting a work drawing on the expertise of professionals within the fields of cyber security, digital privacy, social profiling and data mining to obtain ‘profiles’ and data based on my public and semi-private online activity, which will be displayed and updated throughout the exhibition period. Working with a ghost-writer, the material collected will inform the basis of a new text narrating my fictional memoirs, extrapolating a version of this aggregate data self constructed through my digital footprint.

read more here!


OAKS- HOAX publication for kids



OAKS- HOAX for Kids

on HOAX publication, a special, free booklet of specially made art-written works for kids presented at Glasgow International.

Bruno Neiva
John Henry Newton
Claire Poulter
Ruth Proctor
Calum Rodger  
Erica Scourti  

I was really depressed when I made mine (top left) - hope I didn’t scare them…

you can downlaod it for free here



INNER PLANETS (the not-live version)

Inner Planets from Erica Scourti on Vimeo.


After the live version presented at ArtReview Live- where I think I forgot one line- this is Inner Planets, the video version. Thanks to Hattie Gibson for the edit.




Present Fictions
at David Roberts Art Foundation




Present Fictions is a series of talks, screenings and performance lectures over two days.

Diverse events address contemporary forms of poetry, science fiction, narrative structures and ideas of neo-materialism in current art practices and investigate how they can both be informed by and question new technologies and the expanded information society. A temporary research library presents a selection of publications and materials that have informed the research for this project. The exhibition Geographies of Contamination is concurrently on display in the gallery space.

Artists and speakers include Rachael Allen, Hannah Black, Ami Clarke, Tyler Coburn, David Raymond Conroy, Robert Cowley, David Cunningham, Keren Cytter, Jesse Darling, Rózsa Farkas, Barnaby Lambert, Pablo Larios, Hannah Perry, Heather Phillipson, Cher Potter, Val Ravaglia, Sam Riviere, Erica Scourti, Richard Sides, Michael E. Smith, Lucy Soutter and Georgina Voss.

Curated by Sandra Pusterhofer with Micola Brambilla and Nina Trivedi.





Performance at ArtReview Live for an event organised by Rebecca Birch called Addresses to a Lichen-covered stick, with

The video uses screen-grabbed and then partially redacted iPhone text messages as the starting point for text produced by online Keyword generators used in SEO- it’s kind of about symbiotic relationships and aloneness/ connection.

And it’s missing the first line, unfortunately ( 'I was dead for millions of years') /


Girls Rule: the Art Project for DAZED DIGITAL



Say Not

for Girls Rule: The Artist Image Project



I made a gif of edited phone notes for the VOICE section of  Girls Rule: The Artist Image Project #2 on Dazed Digital.

DAZED Contributing Visual Arts editor Susanna-Davies Crook invited 21 artists who are women to contribute artwork to create this artist image project: contributing an ongoing dialogue around the body, voice, hand and heart .

Includes Jennifer Chan, Kate Cooper, Rozsa Farkas, Helen Kaplinsky, Leslie Kulesh, Shana Moulton,and many more.


Autoitalia Associate Artists talk


#winning & #losing: immediacy, buzz, post-authenticity

Here are some snippets of the talk I did last week at Autoitaliablurb below:

From mind programming as a route to high-performance efficiency in the new creative economy to becoming-loser online, via sincere spambots, bad faith and Google hangouts, I will be drawing on some of my in-progress and recent projects to explore what #winning means today.

I’m also going to consider immediacy and pure presence as new values, and the ethics of audience interactions when art goes online.

Some questions I’ll be asking are: if the authentic self is over, then what am I (or anyone else) still doing on Facebook?  Do spambots act in good faith- or are they by definition an example of bad faith? Are celebrities cyborgs? Is it OK to ‘use’ stuff/ people you find online- or are they using you?

Also- check out my new proejct: #WINNING (sample screengrab on right)







MJ Genève - Thursday January 30th from 8pm

A screening curated by Misery Connoisseur and Christopher Kulendran Thomas
with promotional material from: 

Brace  Brace | Laura Buckley | Dora Budor | Maja ?ule | Anne de Vries | DIS | Claudia Djabbari | Kristin Luke | Peles Empire | James Prevett | Erica Scourti

And the launch of Novembre Magazine issue #8

6 rue Ecole de Médecine
1205 Genève




Skype interview with Video Vortex


Interview and article about my work by Marta Burogorri for Video Vortex, part of Amsterdam-based Network Cultures



New blog post: In Media End

Re-jigged version of text written in the summer, about mediation, the subversive potential of hypermediacy and the move from mediums to formats/ object-based aesthetics to network based aesthetics



‘La voix humaine’ at Kunstverein München



‘La voix humaine’ at Kunstverein München

25 January 2014 – 30 March 2014

Tyler Coburn , Cécile B. Evans , R. Kelly , Kalup Linzy , Erica Scourti , Cally Spooner, Frances Stark and Amelie von Wulffen

The group exhibition ‘La voix humaine’ at Kunstverein München features works by artists that offer contemporary perspectives on themes within Francis Poulenc’s 1958 operatic adaptation of Jean Cocteau's one-act play of the same name. The exhibition takes this drama as its starting point to identify how heightened forms of affect are mediated in society today; from public exposure of emotionality in need of an audience to a consequential role technology plays in facilitating intimate relationships with its users.



News 2013>> December


Different Domain at the Royal Standard, Liverpool




Start Dec 6, 2013
End Jan 18, 2014

Opening with GIFs and Glitter on Friday 6th Dec

Happening online and in The Royal Standard gallery DIFFERENT DOMAIN looks at the rapidly changing culture of art online and it’s relationship with the gallery. Using a variety of platforms including The Royal Standard website, Twitter, google hangouts and two gallery based events, and through a combination of video, live performance, still image, GIF, poetry and critical writing, the exhibition asks how does an audience encounter and interact with work online and where is the physical exhibition (and the audience itself) situated within that experience?

Featuring new and existing work from Joe Hamilton, Laura Buckley, Erica Scourti, Jesse Darling, Sabrina Ratte, Sara Ludy, Molly Soda, Alexandria McCrosky, Bill Domonkos, Harry Burke and more, DIFFERENT DOMAIN examines the continually shifting contexts of art online.


Copyright/Copywrong: The Ethics of Intellectual Property at ICA



Wednesday 4 December, 6.45pm

This talk focuses on the ethical and moral issues that arise in the various debates around intellectual property - specifically as it relates to artistic practice.

Although issues of intellectual property have been hugely relevant to artistic practices prior to the advent of the Internet - collage, appropriation, found material, collaboration, to name a few elements - the digital realm and editing software allow these processes to happen more easily and more immediately, with the results widely distributed instantaneously. As digital natives become more and more comfortable with the way images and ideas are manipulated and circulated online, questions of intellectual property stand to become lost and overlooked. What are the ramifications of losing sight of such issues, not only in terms of legality but also the ethics? The discussion will address the various challenges of working in the network and assess their implications for personal and social values and behaviour.

The panel is chaired by Jaime Stapleton, speakers include lawyers Daniel McClean and Noor Kadhim, Russel Martin from Artquest and artist Erica Scourti.


News 2013 >>> NOVEMBER


Self 2 Selfie in Art Monthly


art_monthly George Vasey on self-portraiture and feminist art

"The serial photographic self-portrait was adopted in the 1980s by feminist artists such as Jo Spence and Alexis Hunter in order to rethink ways of acting. How has a newer generation of webcam artists, such as Petra Cortright and Erica Scourti, responded to their legacy and the challenge of new technology?"

Life in AdWords is discussed in George's essay.


DISCLOSURE: Old Words Made New
Ethical knowledge, sacred spaces, forgotten histories and challenging predispositions


Furtherfield and Medieval Studies Graduate Students from King's College London, and artist Erica Scourti present a contemporary representation of the subject of medieval social lives, based on the theme of ‘ethical knowledge’ through Old English. With a combination of works in the Finsbury Park surroundings, sound installations, collaborative writing, and performance.

12-4pm at Furtherfield in Finsbury Park.






Home/s at the Benaki Museum, Athens

A couple of pics from the exhibition


scourti benaki_scourti


AFRESH: A new generation of Greek artists at EMST National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens




Some pics from the opening of AFRESH, that's my parents in the middle
(with me testing out the chocolate wrapper look)


AFRESH: A new generation of Greek artists

I'm so happy to have been included in this show of young Greek artists, in my home town's museum:

Curated by Daphne Dragona, Daphne Vitali, Tina Pandi
Opening: 24 October 2013

Participating are the artists: Christos Vagiatas, Hrysa Valsamaki, Ino Varvariti, Maria Varela, Afroditi Psarra, Marinos Koutsomichalis, Paky Vlassopoulou, Panagiotis Vorrias, Theodoros Giannakis, Natalie Yiaxi, Manolis Daskalakis-Lemos, Athanasios Zagorisios, Efthimis Theou and Thanasis Deligiannis, Valentina Karga, Chrysanthi Koumianaki, Marinos Koutsomichalis, Alexandros Laios, Kernel (Petros Moris, Pegy Zali, Theodoros Giannakis), Bill Balaskas, Rania Bellou, Petros Moris, Kosmas Nikolaou, Sofia Dona, Myrto Xanthopoulou, Ioanna Ximeri, Maria Papanikolaou, Tula Plumi, Erica Scourti, Εvangelia Spiliopoulou, Anastasis Stratakis, Stefania Strouza, Maria Tsagkari, Maro Fasouli, Myrto Ferentinou, Marianna Christofides, City Index Lab + Energize.





RHIZOME Artist Profile

with Daniel Rourke

I'm interested in where agency resides when our desires, intentions and behaviours are constantly being tracked and manipulated through the media and technology that we inhabit; how can we claim to have any "authentic" desires?

Facebook's "About" section actually states, "You can't be on Facebook without being your authentic self," and yet this is a self that must fit into the predetermined format and is mostly defined by its commercial choices (clothing brands, movies, ice cream, whatever). And those choices are increasingly influenced by the algorithms through the ambient, personalized advertising that surrounds us.

more here




Our Bodies, Our Selfies

Spent half of last week in Liverpool, taking part in Our Bodies, Our Selfies: Reclaiming Overshare for Its Revolutionary Potential, a three-day experimental group workshop by Jesse Darling which explored taking "control of our bodies and our selfies in the age of identity production. Does this mean sharing less? Sharing more? Sharing differently?"

a tumblr was made: overshare4potential

in between incessant cross-platform banter with the other participants, I also over-shared an old diary entry (well, not that old... unfortunately) and caught an unidentifed disease from the beyond budget hostel we stayed in. Fun times!


now I know where
my brand has been going wrong


Home/s at the Benaki Museum, Athens

an exhibition of ArtUP!
Media Art in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey

11 October – 17 November, 2013,
Benaki Museum, Pireos St. Annexe, Athens
Opening: Friday, 11 October at 20.00

What does it mean to ‘feel at home’ and where is home nowadays?
Which habits tie us to it and how do we perceive them?

Partcipating artists:
Firat Bingöl (Turkey), Yoana Buzova (Bulgaria), Ergin Çavu?o?lu (Bulgaria), Makis Faros (Greece), Jenny Marketou in collaboration with Martha Giannakopoulou (Greece/USA), Medea Electronique (Greece), Ali Miharbi (Turkey), Vladimir Mitrev (Bulgaria), NullPointerConstant (Greece), Arzu Ozkal & Claudia Costa Pederson (Turkey/USA), Personal Cinema (Greece), Erica Scourti (Greece), Raycho Stanev (Bulgaria), Ozlem Sulak (Turkey), Lina Theodorou (Greece), Hakan Topal (Turkey), Borjana Ventzislavova (Bulgaria)

Curators: Daphne Dragona, Katerina Gkoutziouli

The exhibition Home/s will also be presented online on the ArtUP! platform: www.goethe.de/artup





Screening at Richard Saltoun Gallery

Thursday 26th September 7:30 pm, Richard Saltoun Gallery, Fitzrovia

Curator’s talk for Alexis HUNTER & Jo SPENCE

Curator George Vasey will give an introduction and explanation behind the work of Alexis Hunter and Jo Spence, two British feminist photographers working during the 1970s and 1980s. A selection of video works by Alexis Hunter, Jo Spence, Nina Wakeford and Erica Scourti will also be screened.

 The Richard Saltoun Gallery exhibition is open until this Friday - 27 October 2013





Editing Experimenta 2013 Tumblr

In the run up to the BFI London Film Festival I will be editing the Tumblr for the Experimenta strand of the LFF, which is co-programmed with LUX, programmed by Helen de Witt, Benjamin Cook and William Fowler





Interview with Regine Debatty for #A.I.L - artists in laboratories

Tune in 4pm GMT on Resonance 104.4FM, Wednesday 25th October

"The new episode of #A.I.L - artists in laboratories, the weekly radio programme about art and science on ResonanceFM, London's favourite radio art station, is aired this Wednesday afternoon at 4pm….the episode will focus on online language and communication, algorithms, forms of mediated intimacy, and distributed art works. Amongst others!"




I'm back from holiday (mostly working unfo) and need to put lots of stuff up...in the meanttime, make sure you catch this:

Caddy Life: An Improvisation Series 

A new series of Field Broadcasts conceived for your computer desktop.  

Live: 16 - 18 September 2013

Broadcasting are: 

Rebecca Beinart, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Patrick Coyle, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Candice Jacobs, Sam Mercer, Kolanchoe, Samuel Rodgers, Erica Scourti, NaoKo TakaHashi

A Field Broadcast project in collaboration with NearNow at Broadway, Nottingham

The artists making broadcasts for Caddy Life have spent time together, in the domestic context of a residency at Primary House, Nottingham, and during a road trip exploring sites of transmission, network and communication in rural Derbyshire.  The broadcast series has been devised collectively and will include individual artists' works, improvisations and interruptions.  

To receive the broadcasts please download the Field Broadcast: Caddy Life software.  Once installed the software will sit quietly on your desktop, waiting.  When an artist makes a broadcast it will 'ping' and display the live video stream directly on your desktop.

Install Field Broadcast: Caddy Life





Misery Connoisseur pics

Some photos from Misery Connoisseur launch at Enclave Projects

Misery Connoisseur Vol 2 is now on sale.



Yoga in action, with my visualisation workshop in the background




Anguish beyond whirrs


Anguish beyond whirrs: new blog post (at last!) on sincerity, bots and intimacy online


Onassi Foundation commission for Constantine Cavafy- call for contributions

A test shot from the proposed video

Working title: Out of Time

I am looking for people would like to contribute to a video I have been commissioned to make by the Onassi Foundation to commemorate the life and work of Constantine Cavafy.

Read here more more details


Colm Cille's Spiral: video postcards

Would you like to receive a personal, private Instagram video postcard sent directly to your email address as part of a commission for Derry City of Culture?

In exchange, I would like you to ‘complete’ the video by adding the meta-data: a title, 3 or more tags, and optionally a caption.

Send me a message when you want to receive a video between the 8th August- 12th September; I will respond as quickly as possible from wherever I am, whatever it is I'm doing.

The texts (meta-data) I receive will be used in for the next part of the project in a variety of media and versions, including an exhibition in Derry in Decemeber.

Lots more info here- and thanks in advance!

The Essex & London knot of Colm Cille’s Spiral, a series of contemporary art and literature commissions and dialogues rethinking the legacy of 6th Century Irish monk Colm Cille, or St Columba unfolds across Ireland and the UK, starting and ending in Derry-Londonderry for City of Culture 2013.





>>>> JULY


You Could've Said
(a Google keyword confessional for radio)

A screen recording of You Could’ve Said- a livebroadcast on fieldbroadcast.org


Playing on Thursday 24th July, Friday 25th July and 4 subsecquent Fridays at 17:25 on basic.fm

With a live broadcast version on fieldbroadcast.org 24 July 2013

The top occurring three-word phrases from personal texts written over a busy 4-months
period- including diaries, essays and blog posts- were used as search terms in Google’s keyword tool, which assists search engine optimization by offering alternative and similar phrases for use in web copy, in order to make websites score higher in Google rankings.

The long-list of phrases suggested were edited down to create texts that act as a personal confessional spoken through the words of thousands of web-users worldwide.|



The Female Fool
(aka my thesis)

Valie Export, patron saint of female fools

Want to read my dissertation? I haven't edited it so it's also a document of the 10 days torture that was writing it.

The Female Fool: Subversive Approaches to the Techno-social Mediation of Femininity

It starts like this:

"Standing in the streets of Vienna wearing a makeshift wooden box, Valie Export, in her performance Tap and Touch Cinema (1968) asked male members of the public to touch her bare breasts, which were covered by the curtains hung across the front. Re-enacting and making visible the objectification of the female body in Hollywood cinema, Export’s double play of self-affirmation and submission to the discourse exemplifies what I will be considering in this thesis: the subversive strategies of the female fool."


Misery Connoisseur & MC Live






As part of the extended MC programme, marking the launch of the second issue of Misery Connoisseur at Enclave Projects, I ran Mental Movies, a 4-hour visualisation and guided imagery workshop that memebers of the public could join in.

All the visualisations are on my Soundcloud page, take a listen.

A SMALL HICCUP reviewed on this is tomorrow



"Erica Scourti’s ‘Unsent Letters’ are like magic eye puzzles, for which the viewer must relax into a hazy half-focus
in order to receive their corrupted message; as what has been written becomes clear it remains ambiguous as to
whether the words have been degraded by force of emotion or encrypted against detection."

Review by Beth Bramich

  e_scourti   e_scourt



Appropriation Beyond the Object at Banner Repeater

Open call exhibition selected by Ben Vickers, Alana Kushnir, Helen Kaplinsky and Ami Clarke.

Opening night: 21st June 6.30-9pm. 22nd June – 7th July.

Project Space: Ovidiu Hulubei, Scott Mason (with writing by: Harry Burke, Annie Davey, John Hill, Pedro Neves Marques, Sally O'Reilly, Frances Scott), Arnaud Desjardin and the Everyday Press and Erica Scourti

Reading Room: Steven Paige, Michael Hampton, Cristina Garrido.

Off-site: SE Barnet tweeting @BRartreader #masslyobserved.

Promotional video: Toby Huddlestone.

The selected works all take very different approaches to the open call out, and we hope that in combination they will enable us to begin a conversation about what might be meant by ‘appropriation beyond the object’, that touch on structures emergent with new technologies, both historically and contemporary, that shift our relations and alter our contractual agreements with one another, both subtly and significantly.

MORE INFO at www.bannerrepeater.org


image by Ovidiu Hulubei


Misery Connoisseur launch + performance

The Second issue of Misery Connoisseur is launching at Enclave Projects on Friday 21st June from 7-10pm with a performance by Andreas Schmidt and Music from ECTOPIA.  

The extended MC programme for Saturday (12-6pm) will engage the audience with physical, phonic and visually stimulating experiences from Dave Charlesworth, Erica Scourti and Matthew Drage.

Artists in Misery Connoisseur Vol 2






NEW VIDEO!! Monkey Mind, 40:00



NEW VIDEO!! Monkey Mind, 40:00 A meditation video journal.

Member of the members of the Insight Timer app community- which is the ‘social’ element of the iPhone meditation app- responded to my call on the message boards to take part in a Skype mediation and to send me their meditation journals. These were processed through a text analysis tool and rewritten, then recorded by the writers, to form the voiceover.

Many thanks to those who took part:

Dana Garrett, Delaware, USA
Gaëlle, Oslo, Norway
C Robb Worthington, North Carolina, USA
Sean Fournier, Arkansas, USA
Raye, Tujunga, California, USA
Dawn-Starr, Portland, Oregon, USA
Nisha, West Ealing, UK

Made for screening on this is tomorrow as part of A Small Hiccup at Grand Union



I've handed in my dissertaion, hurrah!

It's about the figure of the fool in mediated performance- I'll post some of it up at some point, once my brain has recovered



>> May

Finally got round to making pages for Freecycle Piece and Life in AdWords...





A Life in AdWords, Algorithms & Data Exhaust. An interview with Erica Scourti
with Marc Garrett, Furtherfield

"Millions are blissfully unaware of the technological forces at work behind the scenes when we use social network platforms, mobile phones and search engines. The Web is bulging with information. What lies behind the content of the systems we use everyday are algorithms, designed to mine and sort through all the influx of diverse data."







Domestic Pursuits Residency with Field Broadcast


Field Broadcast are working with Rebecca Beinart, Annabelle Craven-Jones, Patrick Coyle, Oscar Gaynor, Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau, Candice Jacobs, Samuel Rodgers, Erica Scourti & NaoKo TakaHashi as a part of Domestic Pursuits with The Broadway, Nottingham's Near Now programme.

Domestic Pursuits is a project that will develop new approaches to live broadcasting through collective experimentation. Working from residency space, PRIMARY House, the project considers the domestic contexts of broadcast reception and the infrastructure that enables its transmission.


Daily project documentation: fieldbroadcast.tumblr.com



Grand Union, Birmingham
Opening Friday 24 May 2013, 6–8pm

Exhibition continues 25 May to 5 July, Thursday to Saturday 12–5pm

Is it always good to talk?

‘A Small Hiccup’ is a traveling exhibition, events programme, publication and online commission exploring diseased language, curated by George Vasey.

Featuring new work by Jeremy Hutchison, Leah Lovett, Fay Nicolson & Oliver Smith, Siôn Parkinson, Erica Scourti, Simon Senn, Holly Pester, Charlie Woolley.

download press release

Dates and Venues:
'Don't go into a butchers asking for a piece of cod'
Friday 17 May 7.30–9.30pm
Film programme co-curated with Cheryl Jones
Exhibition continues:
The Newbridge Project (Newcastle) 13th July to 30th August (PV 12th July)
Limoncello (London) 16th July
More details will be posted on gallery websites.
this is tomorrow (online) 1st June launch




Erica Scourti, Unsent Letters, (detail) 2013


ICA Friday Salon: Instant Publishing/Automatic Writing

3pm, 10 May 2013
£5 / Free to ICA Members

This ICA Friday Salon organised by Duncan White (artist, author and researcher, CSM, London) and Louise O'Hare (Publish And Be Damned, London) looks at immediate distribution, teasing out the relationship between experimental writing and publishing practices.

With videos and performances from Caroline Bergvall, Riccardo Iacono, Fiona James, Erica Scourti and Camilla Wills this Salon elaborates on themes established by the video programme installed at the PABD 2013 fair in March this year.



Camilla Wills, Foreign Experiences, 2013


Nice review of The Digital Now on We Make Money Not Art

"Erica Scourti's video were among my favourite. Taking her cue from stock video sites corresponding to the key words 'woman', 'nature' and 'alone', the young artist filmed herself performing each action described in the title."







Just got round to adding these videos which re-use clips from Woman Nature Alone...

Where Sins Are More Sinful from Swoon on Vimeo. YouTube playlist of re-used clips

Drones / Birds – Princes of Ubiquity

Had a great time in Brussels seeing The Digital Now at Towner' Art Gallery and attending Look up in the Sky, a mini-symposium on drones by James Bridle and Honor Harger at BOZAR...here's some pics (until the decent ones arrive)

e_scourtiWoman Nature Alone install

e_scourtiInstallation view

james_bridleJames Bridle


The Digital Now
: Drones / Birds – Princes of Ubiquity




Preview: 10 April 2013
Talk with James Bridle (UK) and Honor Harger (NZ) at BOZAR, Centre for Fine Arts: 16 April 2013

The Digital Now is an exhibition series which aims to look thematically at relevant artifacts within the current artistic context and media art related discourse. 
The first edition entitled “Drones / Birds – Princes of Ubiquity” is inspired by the New Aesthetic and focuses on the ways we experience our digital condition: always on, always there. Drones or UAV’s (Unmanned Arial Vehicles) have been related to this New Aesthetic debate ever since it started.

The exhibition is curated by Bram Crevits (BE) and will present work by internationally acclaimed artists David Bowen (US), Paolo Cirio (IT), Marcus Coates, (UK) Christoph De Boeck & Patricia Portela,  (BE/PT), HC Gilje (NO), Esther Polak & Ivar van Bekkum (NL), Erica Scourti (GR), Addie Wagenknecht (US) and Zimoun (CH).

The Digital Now is produced by Cimatics and featured in the off-program of Art Brussels, the international contemporary art fair (April 18 -21, 2013).


Some new texts online…

You Know You Like It Really
(or, the secret allure of objects)

A speculative essay about appropriation, critical detachment and expression (includes Wonder Woman references in case you're wondering what the pics mean)

Art For the Internet: an overview of internet galleries and projects   

Because You’re Not Worth It:
a ‘fun’ piece about feminist mottos and being an ungodess for Sadie magazine


ww kim


Performing Documents and Becoming Nomad conferences

>> I am presenting Life in AdWords and Facebook Diaries at two conferences

Performing Documents, Arnolfini, Bristol

Friday - Sunday, 12-14 April, 2013

 The Performing Documents Conference is the culminating public event of this research project, exploring the re-use of live art archives. Over three days, artists, theatre-makers, digital-media practitioners, archivists and scholars from around the world will gather for a series of lectures, dialogues and performances, reflecting on the state of contemporary performance and its documents.

Becoming Nomad: Hybrid Spaces, Liquid Architectures and Online Domains

10 April 2013 at York St John University, York, UK

By setting up dialogues between bodies and spaces, this event seeks to explore the new practices, philosophies and intensities evoked by the continuously shifting coordinates of contemporary corporealities, and to renegotiate notions and experiences of spatial embodiment in contemporary theatre and performance contexts.
TaPRA Performance and New Technologies Inter-conference Event 2013


  Facebook Diaries (2008)


Unconscious Archives #7




Couple of photos from Unconscious Archives #7 where I showed Artists Fear (2012) and Woman Nature Alone (2010)

Unconscious Archives transverses noise core and vision spectacle bringing together expanded cinema and sonic propositions from London and afar; #7 featured Alex MacKenzie, Adam Bohman and myself.


New work online: Weighted Transcription Workout

Weighted Transcription Workout from Erica Scourti on Vimeo


Seven podcasts, lectures and artist talks are simultaneously filmed and transcribed while wearing weights, and cut together in order of decreasing legibility. to improve knowledge and muscle tone: part of a series on good intentions gone wrong, neo-liberal values and self-betterment multi-tasking.

To be continued.

Shown as part of Artists Videos: Instant publishing at Publish and Be Damned at the ICA, with work by Fiona James, Clunie Reid, Anne Tallentire, Duncan White and Camilla Wills, a showreel reflecting upon practices of writing and distribution, and teasing out the relationship between experimental writing and publishing practices.

Weighted Transcirption Workout on monitor 1

Clunie Reid watching her video on monitor 2

icaDuncan White's video on monitor 3

Artists Videos: Instant publishing
installed on three monitors at Publish and Be Damned, at the ICA.


Unconscious Archives #7

Alex Mackenzie, Adam Bohman, Erica Scourti

>> I'll be showing Woman Nature Alone and Artists Fear at this wonderful event at east London's Apiary Studios

scourtiAlex MacKenzie, Intertidal 2012

Artists Fear, Erica Scourti 2012

Tuesday 26th February 2013
Apiary Studios, 458 Hackney Road, London, E2 9EG
Door Times: 7pm

Tickets: £6 donation on the door

Unconscious Archives transverses noise core and vision spectacle bringing together expanded cinema and sonic propositions from London and afar.

UA returns with folly and foray into oceanographic plundering, cataclysmic foley and crowd sourced emotions.
Alex MacKenzie (Canada) presents a special extended dual 16mm live film and sound work exquisitely capturing the marine environments of the Canadian coastline present and past using a veritable feast of techniques including hand cranked cameras and camerless film.
Adam Bohman unleashes a creeping array of apprehensive noise from household items and made instruments.
Erica Scourti brings us two video works capturing her unflinching desire to ascribe human attributes to media generated debris.




Publish and Be Damned 2013, ICA London



The annual Publish And Be Damned self-publishers fair returns for its second year at the ICA.
The fair features over 50 publishers with experimental editorial directions and distribution strategies operating outside the mainstream.

Organised by Kate Phillimore and Louise O'Hare as PABD in association with the ICA. 

Artists Videos: Instant publishing
Fiona James, Clunie Reid, Erica Scourti, Anne Tallentire, Duncan White and Camilla Wills
11am - 7pm, Theatre

Artists videos are installed throughout the fair, playing with ideas of automatic writing and instant publishing. Reflecting upon practices of writing and distribution, and teasing out the relationship between experimental writing and publishing practices, this installation of silent video will serve as a starting point for talks and discussion at an upcoming ICA Friday Salon.

Curated by Three Letter Words and Duncan White. Organised by Publish And Be Damned in association with the ICA. Special thanks to The Block.




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